Nomination Process

The Nashville Minority Business Center (Nashville MBC) is pleased to unveil the preliminary activities planned for the 31st Annual Nashville Minority Enterprise Development Week (MEDWeek) Business Conference

The MEDWeek Awards Criteria has been broken down into three parts:

Part I - Minority Business Owner Awards Criteria
Part II - Minority Business Advocate Award Criteria
Part III - Corporate Awards Criteria

1) Answer each question found in the nomination criteria (below) on a separate document (Save as a Word document or PDF please).
2) Complete the appropriate nomination form for the category in which the nomination is being submitted for consideration.
3) Upload an 8 x 10 glossy black and white photograph and a biographical sketch of the nominee.
4) Submit Your Package.
5) DEADLINE for receipt of the nomination package is March 30, for national consideration at the Atlanta Regional Office, and October 17, for city-wide consideration. Nominations received after this date will not be considered.
6) ALL NOMINATION PACKAGES will be sent to the MBDA Regional Office for national review and evaluation. Nomination materials will not be automatically returned.


Listed below are the criteria for the Nashville Minority Business Center's MEDWeek awards. Please provide responses to the award you are applying for on a separate document (Word or PDF document please), and then attach the document in the form below. Each nomination must include the Nomination Form which serves as the cover sheet for the award category in which the nominee is to be considered. All nominations should contain sufficient information for each category requested. Selections will be based solely on materials submitted. No additional information will be requested for consideration of awards.

Eligible minority groups include: African Americans, Puerto Ricans, Spanish-speaking Americans, American Indians, Asian-Pacific Americans, Asian Indians, Aleuts, Eskimos and Hasidic Jews.


1. Provide a clear and concise narrative on the background of the business and the nominee, to include (1) heritage of the business owner/nominee; (2) information on the current health of the business; and (3) major obstacles that have been overcome. Information must include the date business was established or date of purchase, etc. (To be eligible, the business must have been owned and operated by the nominee for the last five years. ) (20 points)
2. Provide narrative on the history of the growth and development pattern of the business. Also, include statement describing the nature of assistance provided by MBDA's Business Development Center. If not a client or previous client, clearly describe the relationship between the nominee and the MBDA network. (25 points)
3. Provide narrative information on the employment history (job creation and growth) of the firm for the past three years. (15 points)
4. Provide specific information on involvement of the nominee in community activities, including those relating to youth awareness, entrepreneurship, mentoring, and community economic involvement. (15 points)
5. Provide specific information on relevant awards/citations received in the last three years. List organizations with which the nominee is affiliated and has an active role relative to minority business growth and development. (10 points )
6. List three (3) major customers/buyers and provide references. (10 points)
7. Include any additional information that may provide helpful insight into the nominee and the business. (10 points)
NOTE: Points assigned to each element are merely to assist in reviewing the nominee's qualifications and to indicate the greatest areas of emphasis only.


This award is designed for a minority or non-minority individual whose contributions to minority business development were not just for individual or business gain.
1. Provide clear and concise narrative information on the professional and/or business background of the nominee/business owner.
2. Provide information which indicates how the nominee has worked on behalf of minority business development. This information should sufficiently distinguish between activities performed in a paid position and activities undertaken above and beyond as a volunteer work requirement or in another capacity. Information should cover the past three years - provide specific examples.
3. Provide references from at least three businesses, groups, etc. that can attest to the nominees involvement.
4. Accomplishments that would establish a nominee as an outspoken advocate for minority business development.


1. Provide background information on the company and list the date when a formal minority business program began.
2. Provide the dollar figure allotted for this program at its inception and at the present. List the number of vendors involved and provide verification.
3. Is there a formal written board policy on minority business development or social responsibility?
4. Provide information on the staff and office assigned to the task of purchasing from minority-owned businesses. Include name(s), title(s) and list other responsibilities of the office. Include the amount of time devoted by staff to the minority business effort.
5. List organizations to which the company belongs that may impact on minority business development.
6. List three vendors that can testify to the benefits they have received from the nominee's purchasing history from minority firms.
7. Where applicable, provide a record (over the past three years) of the nominee's purchasing history from minority firms.
8. Explain the relationship between the corporation and the Nashville MBC.
9. Provide any additional background information that may attest to the corporation's outstanding contributions in support of minority business development.

Nominating For:

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